Leather Industry

Enzymes are important in several stages of leather treatment, including soaking, bating, dehairing, dyeing, and degreasing. Our expertise is in determining the best enzyme combinations for each application. We have created the finest enzyme mixes designed for each stage, whether it's improving soaking efficiency, accelerating bating operations, assisting in dehairing, encouraging dye penetration, or assuring effective degreasing. This focused approach assures excellent performance and quality outcomes in leather processing, demonstrating our dedication to providing the best enzymatic solutions for the whole range of leather treatment applications.

Our Products


SOAKZYME LET is a leather-soaking enzyme that is intended for use in leather-beam-house processes. It is made specifically for soaking skins and hides. SOAKZYME LET contains an enzyme that eliminates undesirable protein material such as albumin and mucus without damaging the collagen and disperses fatty substances and oils, increasing rehydration and adipose tissue clearance. SOAKZYME LET helps reduce chemical consumption and water discharge issues. When using SOAKZYME LET, avoid using wetting agents and detergents.


DEHAIRZYME LET is a leather unhairing enzyme derived from bacteria that hydrolyzes proteins for use in leather beam house procedures. It specifically eliminates undesirable protein molecules such as elastin, albumin, mucoids, and globulin without causing collagen damage. It also eliminates coagulable interfibrillary proteins, particularly elastin and keratin degradation products like epithelial cells and sebaceous glands. It effectively removes scum and natural dirt. It also decreases chemical use and water discharge issues. Wetting agents and detergents can be avoided when using DEHAIRZYME LET. It aids in the elimination of hair and scuds. It is suitable for sulfide-free or assisted unhairing.


DEGREAZYME LET is a leather degreasing enzyme that is specifically created for skin and hide degreasing. Its enzymes are designed to remove insoluble fatty compounds. DEGREAZYME LET disperses fatty substances and oils, promoting rehydration and adipose tissue clearance. It provides high-performance degreasing, which improves fat dispersion and removal while also providing uniform color and enhancing dye uptake. It also improves the finished leather's tear and tensile strength.